Marvel Tulsi Chai

If you’re a genuine tea lover and a health freak, then you won’t be able to resist a sip of Marvel Tulsi Chai. The ‘Queen of Herbs’ has numerous health benefits that strengthen our immune system. For 1000 years, Ayurveda has backed the herb as a miracle cure for many ailments. Its benefits include, curing asthma, relieving stress, maintaining blood sugar levels, reduces fever and delays ageing. Since the raw plant parts are not very palatable and liked by many, the simple way of assimilating the goodness of basil is by adding it to the food we eat or drink. One such preparation that is least made and yet has the most medicinal value is tulsi tea.

Every cup of Marvel’s Tulsi Chai is made of quality tea leaves which gives you plenty of energy to face the hectic day ahead.

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