Marvel Masala Tea

An ageless beverage in itself, the Indian Masala Tea has been a favorite among many in India as well as in abroad. We at Marvel Tea believe in keeping the traditions intact with our best masala tea in India. A 'Masala Tea' is a mix of different spices having special Ayurvedic properties, to add a unique flavour to Chai tea. Masala chai constitutes a whole array of spices like, clove, cinnamon, elaichi, ginger and tulsi.

A Masala chai contains a black tea, water and milk along with some health benefiting spices to warm up. With its supreme taste, Masala Tea bestows us with numerous other health benefits, like, strengthening immunity, speeds up metabolism, regulates sugar levels and prevents cold and flu. Spices like basil, clove, nutmeg and saffron only add to the rich flavor of the beverage.

A complete package of health and taste, Marvel’s Masala tea comes with the dual benefits of health and taste.

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