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Mr. R.C. Jain, The Chairman

Mr. R.C. Jain, The Chairman

A visionary with integrity and real moral strength naturally has the strength to convert his dreams into solid reality and achieve the greatest goals.

Mr. R.C. Jain is a real visionary whose consistent integrity sowed the seeds of Marvel Group in 1994 and continuous dedicated tireless efforts generated a resounding success for Marvel Group. No doubt Mr. Jain has achieved the reputation of being one of the foremost corporate leaders in India. He is the real plinth on which the whole Marvel Group is proudly ensconced. As the Chairman, Mr. Jain has been leading the group as a true visionary leader to the heights of proud achievements. Under his indefatigable dedicated leadership, the Marvel Group has ever been blossoming with Marvel Tea Estate (India) Limited, Marvel Buildwell Private Limited and Marvel Hospital. It is his dedicated natural deep interest to his work and the vast experience of 32 years in tea-testing that has helped him to achieve an important place amongst the top 5 tea tasters in India. He is a renowned member of the Federation of All India Tea Traders Association (FAITTA). When it was first started in 1994, no one would have predicted that Marvel Group would blossom into such a large corporate house but Mr. R.C. Jain is the best example of the theory of Big Bang which states that a single particle created the whole Universe.

Professional achievements and business acumen apart, Mr. R.C. Jain is a true human being with a devotional and humane attitude towards the whole society. Under his guidance, Marvel Hospital is fully dedicated to providing the best of medical services to all classes of society with complete humane approach to the less resourceful people. Mr. Jain is the distinguished President of Haryana State for ' Jain Shwetamber Terapanth Sabha'. From the year 2007 onwards, all the activities and developments of the state in ' Jain Sabha' are managed by Mr. Jain.


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