Mr. Parveen Jain

Mr. Parveen Jain

Mr. Parveen Jain is the Managing Director of the Marvel Group. Years before Marvel Tea was even named, Mr. Jain spent the first half of his twenties travelling the length and breadth of India to meet dealers and distributors to forge solid partnerships that were to last decades.

The reliable partnerships that he formed with tea sellers, vendors and distributors during those early years laid the foundation of the success of Marvel Tea. Such has been his association that the majority of those relations are still thriving in a well nurtured environment of mutual growth. It is due to this uncanny ability of his that Mr. Jain is hailed across the nation as a towering figure in sales and marketing.

Known in the Marvel family for his exemplary hard work, he leads a mammoth team of over 300 employees with complete efficiency and discipline. He has nurtured under his care and supervision, a staggering network of 4,000 plus dealers and distributors in India.

A stalwart in traditional trade, Mr. Jain has evolved his skills with the changing times to become an expert in modern trade and has successfully taken Marvel Tea to supermarket shelves and online selling platforms all over the world.

Mr. Parveen Jain strongly believes and preaches that there is no substitute for hard work. He lays great emphasis on customer satisfaction and believes that it is the greatest factor in taking a business to towering heights. According to him, "Success is not a particular achievement, but it is a state of continuous growth".

Mr. Sanjay Jain

Mr. Sanjay Jain

Mr. Sanjay Jain is the Managing Director of the Marvel Group. Under his financial acumen, the Company has been thriving by leaps and bounds. He bears the responsibility for looking after the widespread supply chain at Marvel.

From his early years, Mr. Jain has had a knack for tea tasting. Tea tasting is a very crucial process at any tea company and is a deciding factor in its success. Being the head tea taster at Marvel tea, he tastes thousands of samples every month to make sure that only the most perfect blends reach the consumers.

It is largely due to his constant efforts that Marvel is the second largest supplier of Tea to CSD and CPC canteens. He has also been very instrumental in making Marvel a major hub for private labelling.

It’s due to his vision and constant strive for upgradation that today, Marvel tea boasts of a production unit where the tea leaves aren’t touched by a single pair of hands on their journey from the procurement of raw materials to the packaging of the final product.

Mr. Jain is a renowned industry expert in supply chain management and plant operations. The Marvel unit at Uklana, capable of producing millions of kilograms of tea every month has been designed and functioning under his guidance. He keeps a scrutinising vigil on all the ingredients that make it to a pack of Marvel Tea, right from the procurement of raw materials to the packaging of the final product.

Mr. Sanjay Jain understands the importance of a conducive working environment and is always striving towards creating a hospitable working environment at Marvel.

Mr. Gourav Jain

Mr. Gourav Jain

Mr. Gourav Jain is Director, Marvel Group. After completing his Masters in marketing from Regents University, London, he joined the Marvel group and started applying his skills and expertise to bolster the Branding & Marketing division at Marvel.

Mr. Gourav is a learned practitioner of modern trade and has worked immensely towards keeping the brand ahead of the changing times. It was a part of his vision that Kareena Kapoor Khan joined Marvel tea as a brand ambassador in 2016. The association with Mrs. Khan has worked wonders for Marvel Tea.

Mr. Gourav has taken rapid steps towards bringing in new technology to automate vital processes including sales force management and taking the business online. An app developed to foster our partnerships with our retailers, has smoothened the process with over 200,000 happy retailers connecting with us through the app.

During Mr. Jain’s highly productive spell of over five years at Marvel, sales trends have changed and productivity has significantly increased. This has gained him a reputation as a very valuable asset to the Marvel team. His knowledge of branding has also made a positive difference in the way the brand is perceived.

Mr. Jain has an exciting new vision for the Marvel group and has set ambitious goals for the near future. With his entrepreneurial vision and a knack for futuristic endeavors, he is widely hailed as a key architect of the future of Marvel Group.

Mr. Chetan Jain

Mr. Chetan Jain

Mr. Chetan Jain is Director, Marvel Group. He completed his Masters in International Business from Regents University, London and joined the management of Marvel group in 2018.

Mr. Jain’s forte is Supply chain management and plant operations. He deeply feels and understands the environmental threats that mother earth is facing and hence, his vision for the brand categorically emphasizes on making the tea production facility more and more sustainable.

In the Marvel family, Mr. Jain is seen as an inspiring young leader whose enthusiasm serves as a motivation to the entire workforce. He harbors a keen interest in the design and development processes at Marvel and is fast learning and coupling the ways of the house of Marvel with his own innovative ideas. He is also bringing his touch to the accounting procedures at Marvel.

Mr. Jain has been an invigorating rush of young blood to the Marvel team as he brings a fresh perspective to the table. He is a thorough workaholic and a promising assurance that the future of Marvel lies in safe hands.