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Marvel Tea Estate founded in 1994 based on the premise of a dream first envisioned many years prior by the Jain brothers when they entered a small, family owned general store in the small town of Uklana. Coming from those humble beginnings, Marvelgroup is one of India's most recognized and respected business entities today.

Driven by its relentless obsession with quality and a passion to bring the most refined taste of tea to millions, Marvel tea stands tall among the top 10 tea brands in India. At Marvel, a stringent quality check is followed round the clock and across the process right from the careful procurement of tea leaves from the finest tea gardens in Assam and Darjeeling to the packaging of tea with the use of a spectacular fully automated process where the leaves aren’t touched by any hands at all in their journey from a tea garden to tea pack.

The best Assam tea leaves which are selectively chosen and tested again and again by our dedicated professionals land a distinct taste and refinement to our products. One of the top tea brands in India, Marvel Tea is available in many variants and flavours to meet the diversified pallets of its customers.

Every cup of Marvel tea is enriched with purity, authentic taste and a signature aroma that awakens the spirits!


Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)


We integrate social and environmental concerns in our business operations.

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Marvel Tea Estate Ltd appoints Kareena Kapoor brand ambassador.

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