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The universal presence and acceptance of Marvel tea is rewarding and truly encouraging. It has generated rave reception in the markets of Egypt, U.A.E, Italy, South Africa and USA which proves that great quality and value for money are the only criteria to be accepted irrespective of varying cultures or geographical boundaries or nations. The demand for Marvel tea is only increasing with time in various countries as customers across the globe appreciate the purity, quality and rejuvenating flavor of our brands of tea. Currently Marvel has captured the market with five brands: Marvel Rozana, Marvel Red Tea, Marvel Yellow Tea, Marvel Gold Pattian and Marvel Premium. The level of customer satisfaction and appreciation conveyed by our customers across the globe gives us a sense of great accomplishment as we put in sincere efforts to provide best quality tea to all types of tea drinkers in the market. The global presence of Marvel is therefore expanding and the number of hearts captured Marvel tea are still being counted!

Maintaining the global trust invested in us by our customers is a huge responsibility and we devote our sincere efforts in living up to the level of expectations. Every staff member at Marvel group is dedicated towards maintaining quality and customer satisfaction level, from the very starting scratch of the process till the time the tea is packed and dispatched. Achieving global appreciation and maintaining it, both are individually comprehensive tasks which are taken very seriously and sincerely by the entire team of Marvel.