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Company Profile The literal meaning of marvel is a wonderful thing that brings wonderful results... and so  do people say about Marvel tea... of course it is one of the proudest achievements for the whole Marvel Group. The seeds of soaring success of Marvel Group were sown in the year 1994 by Shri R.C. Jain and since then the ever upward-spiraling Marvel Group has been doing marvels in various fields like FMCG (Marvel Tea), Real Estate (Marvel City) and Health Care (Marvel Hospital). 

We as individuals as well as a group firmly believe in creating delight and growth for our customers everywhere in all classes of society. We understand the priceless value of fulfilled expectations of customers. The heartfelt appreciation of our products and services has always been the greatest impetus for us to keep moving ahead and upward to much greater and nobler goals...

Though each member of Marvel Group is perfectly efficient, qualified and full of professional integrity, We attribute our success to the whole Marvel Group as an entity and most of all to our valued customers.

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