Quality Control

We have a highly proficient and perfectly equipped system for quality control that reviews the quality of each and every factor involved in production. Our quality control is not confined to our products only. It encompasses quality check of everything that is related to our production process. In order to keep up the highest levels of quality, we have a state of the art testing lab, which houses the latest and highly sophisticated equipment to carry out the job. All the equipment and logistics employed for quality control at our plant is so much efficient that even a fraction of any minutest deviation from the excellent specifications and standards set by us is easily detected and forthwith corrected with all care and precision.

Besides this, the Managing Director and other top officials of the Marvel team have natural expertise in creating the top quality tea. It is a matter of pride that the Managing Director of the Marvel Tea Estate is amongst the top 5 tea-tasters of India, and does not let down the excellent standards and specifications of marvel tea in the least.

Grades in quality begins at roots, marvel is doing needful for its consumers and is regarding people's health in a safe manner which includes its quality check in its every production. Before making our products open to our consumers we do all the quality checks that have been possible to assuring a glad experience to serve you without compromising in quality at the costs of our consumer's health. Our specialist are performing at their best levels for quality of our product because we only care about your health and for that we are doing every possible measure to give out a best marvel tea product for you.

Quality Maintenance

The Marvel Company is equipped with the latest technology and highly proficient manpower to take the best care of production process as well as the supply of the Marvel tea. It is made sure that the quality is not compromised with at any of the stages. The highly qualified professionals with expertise in tea production are completely dedicated to allow only the top quality tea in the market for customers. The expert professionals of the Marvel tea never relax their concentration even for a fraction of second unless and until the best quality Marvel tea is delivered in the market. In order to avoid the least of effect from the outside temperature, Marvel tea is packed with airtight three layer system using the latest packing technology so that the quality of Marvel tea remains as excellent when it reaches a tea-lover; as it is at the time of production.

Throughout the entire process, right after the handpicked tea leaves arrive and up till Marvel tea packets are dispatched for sale in the markets, the professionals do not lose sight even of the minutest details of the process. With full perfection and attention, Marvel tea is prepared by our expert professionals who understand the value of customer satisfaction attained by the brand. Quality is the core value for us here at Marvel; therefore, quality maintenance is done at every step and at every level of production.

Marvel has truly proven the hall mark for its quality, it is maintaining its grade throughout years and it is sure that it is going to maintain and boost up the excellence in its quality of its every production. Our essential characters are making people satisfied by reaching to the level of their hopes, needs, tastes and expectations. No artificial colors, flavors or odors are added to it, Marvel tea is a top classed tea in the market, made in the terms of health of people.


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